Academic Book Covers

Scholarly monographs advance important, timely topics yet often have low print runs and small design and production budgets. Here, I used two no-cost author photos, combined with additional work in photoshop, to illustrate climate change and challenge in Africa.

Book 4: Death Rides the Ferry (A Dave Cubiak Door County Mystery)

Patricia Skalka’s fourth book in her award winning mystery series is forthcoming May 2018.

College Sports Book

Art History Book Design

Jerry Apps Country Year

Book Cover Art by Andy Fletcher

For Jeremiah Williams by Andy Fletcher. Oil on canvas. 42″ X 60″. 2015.

Books by Jerry Apps

New cover for Every Farm Tells a Story by Jerry Apps. Cover painting by Andy Fletcher. Goodland Road. Oil on canvas. 30″ X 50″. 2017.

Indian Mounds of Wisconsin

Indian Mounds of Wisconsin

A classic coming out in a second edition. University of Wisconsin Press. Photography by Daniel M. Seurer

Dehaan Arts book design

Book Cover Design: Milwaukee Mayhem

Cover and text design, Wisconsin Historical Society Press. Inspiration: film noir.

Book Cover Design: Warriors, Saints, and Scoundrels

Combing through immense collections, Wisconsin Historical Society Press delivers short accounts of the lives of Wisconsin’s nonconformists. The book will be coming out this winter.

Corran Harrington's website

Author Website: Corran Harrington

Responsive WordPress site with rotating book reviews on home page. Corran’s new book, Follow the River Home, was published April of 2016 by Arbor Farm Press.

Marketing Pack for Authors

Poster, flyer, postcards, business cards for Corran Harrington’s new book, Follow the River Home, published by Arbor Farm Press. Cover design by Ann Weinstock. Cover photograph by David Muench. Author photo by Kim Jew.

Book Cover Design: Cubiak Mysteries 3

Book 3 of Patricia Skalka’s Dave Cubiak Door County Mysteries is due to be published Fall of 2016.

“A first rate series.”—Kirkus Reviews

Book Cover Design: Worse Than the Devil

William Morris Inspired Book Cover Design

A new cover for the second edition.

A tale about the ravages of old age, the weight of the past and bunny rabbits.—Kirkus Reviews

Muir, Leopold, and Derleth

Cover Art and Design: Dave Cubiak Book 1

“Skalka’s descriptions of the atmosphere of the villages and spectacular scenery will resonate with readers who have spent time on the Door Peninsula…. [She] plans to continue disturbing the peace in Door County for quite a while, which should be a good thing for readers.”—Chicago Book Review

Book Design: The News from Lone Rock

Book cover design for The News from Lone Rock, to be published by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press. The book includes stories written by an early Wisconsin journalist for the Spring Green Weekly Home News from 1884–1912.

Book Design and Typesetting: War of 1812 in Wisconsin

The winning cover concept for Wisconsin Historical Society Press.

Book Cover Design: Words of Witness

Cover art and production for the University of Wisconsin Press.

Book Text Design: Mayhem and Vice

Finishing up with the Milwaukee Mayhem interior. So fun to read…

Words of Witness

One of a several ideas for a Fall book by University of Wisconsin Press about several important Black feminists and how their autobiographical works have shaped our understanding of civil rights history and activism since 1954 (Brown v. Board of Education).

Cover Design for Hope Road

New Spring book from Campanile Press.

Book Cover Design for Self-Publisher

A cover update for Janee Pennington’s debut novel about the adventures of globe-trotting meeting planner. A fun read!

Cover concept for Milwaukee Mayhem

A book focusing on the strange and brutal events during Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s first century. Published by the Wisconsin Historical Society. The photograph is from the Library of Congress.

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Mystery Series Book Cover Design

The second book in the hardboiled mystery series set in Door County, Wisconsin. Due out in Spring 2015. Fantastic reviews for the first book!

Crossing the Driftless book cover

A canoe trip through Wisconsin’s driftless area

This book is a seamless blend of regional memoir, travel writing, and travel guide focused on Wisconsin’s Driftless area. The anchor of the book is Lynn Diebel’s journey, with her husband, canoeing the region’s rivers, exploring one of the most dreamy, ethereal areas of the Midwest. The book will be published by University of Wisconsin Press early in 2015.

Book Interior Design

Interior book design for author Ned Hayes for Coeur D’Alene Waters. 8.5 x 5.5 and 368 pages.

Book Design for Novel

Book cover for Ned Hayes.

Nonfiction book cover design

Performing Brazil, scholarly book design for the University of Wisconsin Press.

Cover Design: Six Generations Here

Book cover for Wisconsin Historical Society Press. This is a new cover for a Press classic. The cover family photo has been repaired and the tone improved.

Photography Book Cover Design

The Master Cheesemakers of Wisconsin: Book cover for The University of Wisconsin Press. The cheesemakers featured in this book are the rock stars of the cheese industry. I have heard tourists take this book with them and collect cheesemakers’ autographs! Working on books about midwest culture (pardon the pun) is near and dear.

Meeting Eve book

Book cover and interior design for Janee Pennington‘s Meeting Eve: A Novel. Launched January 16, 2014.

Cover Art for Novel

The Baileys Harbor Bird and Booyah Club: Book cover for a comedic novel about retired life in Door County, Wisconsin. University of Wisconsin Press.

Poetry Book Design

Book design for Voodoo Inverso, a Felix Pollak Poetry Prize winner. University of Wisconsin Press.

Interior Book Design by Sara DeHaan

Interior Book Design

Back matter opening page for the historical novel Sinful Folk, which continues to earn rave reviews. 400 pages at 5.5 x 8.5.

Book Design: Sinful Folk

Book design for Sinful Folk by Ned Hayes coming out in late January 2014. Based on a true story, the novel is impeccably researched and graced with beautiful language. It’s getting rave reviews already and is a must for your winter reading list. The cover illustration is by Nikki McClure.

Mystery Series Cover Art

I hadn’t designed a series of novels before, so I’m excited by the challenge of Patricia Skalka’s Dave Cubiak Door County Mysteries (University of Wisconsin Press). Each mystery will have a unique time and setting that I will photo-illustrate, with the same chunky-creepy title type. Death Stalks is the first in the series and will be coming out late spring 2014. Learn more about the series at It’s getting great reviews!

History Book Cover Design

Cover Art for a film history book. I had a low resolution film still to work with and added stock photography.

Cookbook Cover Art and Design

Cookbook cover for Wild Rice Goose and Other Dishes of the Upper Midwest by John Motoviloff. The author, UW press production manager, and I did a quaint photo shoot for this book along Lake Mendota, just after rain, on a monolithic limestone table. While gathering materials for the shoot, I learned the difference between wild grapes and poisonous virginia creeper berries. We got the right one on the cover.

Textbook Design

Filipino Tapestry: Tagalog Language Through Culture (University of Wisconsin Press). Package includes book cover and CD.

My Diva

My Diva: 65 Gay Men on the Women Who Inspire Them, edited by Michael Montlack. Inspiring, funny, heart-breaking stories about growing up gay. The contributors describe their  private, transforming, sometimes life-saving relationships with their celebrity Divas. A really fun photo illustration project. Great book.

Interior Book Design and Typesetting

Book interior design, title page, 6 x 9.

Bingo Queens, History Book Design

The Bingo Queens of Onieda: How Two Moms Started Tribal Gaming in Wisconsin (Wisconsin Historical Society Press). I love it when women finally get their place in history!

Bingo Queens Chapter Opening

Interior text design for the Wisconsin Historical Society Press.

This Wicked Rebellion

Sample page from a selection of letters and photographs from the Wisconsin Historical Society collections. The letters retained as much as possible their original appearance, including typos, use of capital letters, and other aspects of formatting. I restored many of the photographs. And the book included bottom-of-page footnotes. 6 x 9. 226 pages.

Books about Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin Unions

More than They Bargained For

I am very proud to have helped make this book. More than They Bargained For, by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel journalists Jason Stein and Patrick Marely, is the go-to-immediately resource on the conflict between the Gov. Walker administration and Unions.

Wisconsin Talks

Yah! This book has both academic and general audience interest. The authors wanted to feature examples of  Wisconsin dialects—there are quite a few, actually—that derive from German, Norwegian, Polish, Hmong, Native American Languages, and more.


This book was originally published in Macedonia, then France, and now in the U.S. The illustration is beautiful and interesting. My goal for the cover was to create a typographic treatment that complemented the illustration.

Wisconsin Book Design

Book cover, When Horses Pulled the Plow: Life of a Wisconsin Farm Boy, 1910–1929 by Olaf F. Larson. It’s great fun to be handed a good black and white photograph. I enjoy repairing time’s damage, mixing a color palette, and adding other objects and textures that communicate time and place. The author, in his 90s, describes his boyhood farm, tales about his family and neighbors, and the one-room schoolhouse he attended. It’s a good bedtime read for the kids.

Poetry, Last Seen

Last Seen by Jacqueline LaMone, winner of the 2011 Brittingham Prize in Poetry. This cover features an underwater sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor. I also designed and composited the interior of the book.

Something New from Old

Book cover for The Uncensored Boris Godunov: The Case for Pushkin’s Original Comedy (University of Wisconsin Press). Finding imagery of historical figures can be a challenge. Here, original art was made from a public domain image.

Book Cover Design

Bill Christofferson’s The Man from Clear Lake: Earth Day Founder Senator Gaylord Nelson (The University of Wisconsin Press). Phew! That’s a long title. Big titles are fitting for important people, I suppose. Long titles are a challenge for a designer, however. Book covers have always been important in capturing the reader’s attention, but today, in the age of Amazon, covers must do the work at thumb-nail size, so the most salient words from a title and subtitle are sometimes pulled up front to serve the reader first.


I especially enjoy regional books about the Midwest and Great Lakes region. These books are personal and part of my own history: Wisconsin is where I live and grew up. Timber! is about the Lumberjack World Championships in the Hayward, Wisconsin. The contest began in 1960 and is still going strong today.

Win Some, Lose Some

An early draft version of a book cover. I often do 3-6 drafts of a book cover for a publisher and refine the winning idea. This is a loser. Every designer has so much work that never meets the light of day. It’s sometimes hard to let them go, but every cover is a learning experience. Designs cannot be recycled, but sometimes there are bits and pieces that become parts of winners down the road.

Book Cover Design

Book cover design for A Castle in the Backyard: A Dream of a House in France by Betsy Draine and Michael Hinden, published by The University of Wisconsin Press.

Russian History Book

Book cover, Liberals Under Autocracy by Anton A. Fedyashin. University of Wisconsin Press. The cover of an old journal was used as the foundation of the cover art. I added color and texture and expanded the illustration to fit the 6 x 9 book size.

Book Cover: Guide to Wisconsin Wildlife

I created this book cover illustration by the merging of many photographs.

Civil War Book Cover Design

Book jacket design for University of Wisconsin Press.